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Firearm Importation Process

IRUNGUNS is a unique company with a very aggressive mandate. We are the only corporation that holds an export permit with the Department of Defence, an Import FFL with the ATF, TSA and SOT certification and who owns facilities in both the US and Canada. This gives us the ability to expedite defence articles between countries allowing us to offer exceptional service at great prices… No broker… No middleman.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3…

Buy Guns and Import into Canada
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As of July 1, 2013 we will no longer be charging ANY importation fees on anything bought off This includes ALL firearms, optics and accessories. To speed up the process should your firearm be restricted we will file with the RCMP to complete the final transfer while your firearm is in the US awaiting export. This will ensure there are no unnecessary delays as some firearm transfers have taken up to 3 to 4 weeks depending on your province of residence.

That said we have the ability to import anything that is admissible into Canada. The first thing you want to do is firm up the purchase of your firearm whether it’s from, a private party, a retail store like Cabelas or an auction site. If you’re using an auction site please notify them that IRUNGUNS LLC will be facilitating the FFL transfer and export of your firearm. Some auctions like Gunbroker will not allow you to bid until you notify them of your intentions. Once you have firmed up your purchase you will want to fill out the Import/Final Transfer form.

When we receive your import form we will send you a copy of our FFL which you will forward to the seller. Now if you’re buying from a private party you need to specify that the seller ship us the firearm through his local gun store or any FFL dealer. This protects you and US should there be any grey areas. For example if the firearm was stolen or used in a crime as there is now recourse back to the seller.

Once they have shipped the firearm ensure you get tracking information so you can follow your firearm to our door. Once we receive it we will notify you via email and we will start the process of importing the firearm.

Fill Out Gun Import Form
Fill out the IMPORT Form

Fill out our secure online import form with the information on yourself and the firearm(s) you are planning to import. Upload a copy of your PAL and include make, model, barrel length and caliber of the firearm. Please also reference where the firearm will be coming from.

Relax! Wait for Gun Importation to Canada

Just sit back and relax… it’s that easy.

Once the firearm is in our possession we will commence the final transfer. Approximate time for importation is 3 to 4 weeks.

We close all exports out on the 15th of each month and apply for the necessary permits. Once everything is processed and shipped out the export will arrive in Canada the first week of the following month. It will take a few days to clear customs and once back at our warehouse we will re-inventory everything, package and ship it out. You will receive a final invoice for the GST, importation should it be a firearm, shipping to your place of residence, and tracking information through Canada Post. This will be followed by a payment link. If you do not receive a payment link please check your junk/spam mail, or let us know so your order is not delayed.Once payment is received we will ship out your order.

Please keep in mind we are exporting Defence articles and sometimes we run into holidays and weekends which can add a small delay to the process. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Brokerage & Importation Fees

As of July 1, 2013 we will no longer be charging ANY importation fees on anything bought off which includes ALL firearms and optics. This means all you pay is the shipping charges to Canada, GST only, and shipping from our facility in Sherwood Park to your place of residence via Canada Post.

  • Brokerage and importation fees for all imports purchased outside are as follows, the 1st firearm is $200.00, $150.00 for the 2nd, $100.00 for the 3rd and $100.00 thereafter providing they are all on the same export.
  • All exports are charged a flat fee of $25.00 for shipping per item as your firearm will be overnighted to Canada via air.
  • Any duty, Canadian shipping, and GST will be collected upon final transfer of said firearm.
  • For large exports please contact us for discounted rates and shipping charges.

Firearm Exportation Schedule

To ensure our services stay exceptional we will start off with 1 export on the 21st of each month. All information will be required no later than the 15th, this will allow us enough time to complete all documents to ensure a speedy export. After everything is processed on the 21st  your approximate wait time before your firearm is in your hands is 3 to 4 weeks. As business grows we will allocate more exports to accommodate the demand.

Should you wish to proceed, click here to start the ball rolling or contact us directly so we may address any questions you may have.

Regarding All Imports

In order to streamline the process of importing 3rd party firearms the following needs to be followed.

  1. We require the firearm to be sent to us by way of an FFL transfer, which means a dealer will have to send us the firearm.  We will not receive firearms from individuals.  This protects you and us from fraud, stolen firearms, and poor packaging.
  2. We will also require a copy of the senders FFL, if we do not receive that we are unable to process the firearm into inventory which will delay your export.
  3. Please supply as much information as possible as to what you bought and from who you purchased your firearm from.  Please it is in your best interest to do so.
  4. As we want to help everyone if your firearm needs to be repackaged to insure it will arrive in one piece we will call you and we will charge you to repackage it.
  5. If your firearm shows up with numerous magazines we will charge $10.00 per mag to pin them.  The 1st one is free.
  6. We are here to work with everyone so please ensure your seller packages your firearm well and provides the necessary information for a speedy export.